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The Monsterjunkies, an American Family Odyssey

The Monsterjunkies, an American Family Odyssey is a contemporary Addams Family. It uses a host of magical props, including a mailbox that speaks via telepathy, to provide humorous yet poignant characterizations. The book explores the one issue every adolescent faces no matter his or her social status or economic condition: How can I fit in? Indigo, Crow, and the rest of the characters go down a reality curve to arrive at the harsh truth of the indelible hurt bullying, emotional abuse and prejudice can foster. The family faces ignorance combined with aggression at every step as they try to build a life for themselves in the home of their ancestors.This story for teens and tweens is a fast-paced narrative that defines growing up through a cast of quirky yet engaging characters who also experience the same anxieties as any other family enduring the issues that portend ‘coming of age.’ Not all angst and agony, it marks a clear path to the ultimate form of acceptance, the approbation of self.

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