Be a Guest Blogger here…

So, you want to guest post on Nickum’s Nook?
First: Thanks for thinking of Nickum’s Nook as a place to share your writing with the world. Glad you’re here!
Second: Follow the guidelines below, and I’ll be happy to consider your guest post!
Guidelines for Pitching a Guest Post
Note: If you don’t follow some semblance of these guidelines when pitching your post, I may or may not respond. I probably won’t, because I get a lot of Spam emails and they make it difficult to weed out the reals from the bots.
Pitch me by email at with the subject line-“Post for Nickum’s Nook”, so I don’t miss it and I’ll write you back. Your pitch should include:
1. An intro. Tell me who you are, if you run a writing site or blog, and if you’ve been published anywhere (I don’t mind if you haven’t been published; I just want to know a little about you as a writer).
2. An attached Word document of the post you’d like to pitch (please limit your post to 1,000 words or fewer); OR a topic for your pitch and a few of your anticipated copy points.
3. A 100-word (or less) bio about yourself. Include your social media links, if you have them
4. Art is good, but unless it’s yours (i.e.: your latest book cover), it needs to have a Creative Commons License and proper photographer attribution.
What Happens if Your Guest Post Is Accepted
If your guest post is accepted, I’ll write you back and tell you:
1. When it’ll be published (Nickum’s Nook posts Guest Posts on Fridays).
2. Whether any major edits need to be made (such as: swapping your art out for other art, etc.).
3. The day before your post is published, I’ll email you and tell you that it’s been scheduled, and remind you to cross-promote the post on your social media channels (as I’ll promote on mine).
4. Your post will appear on Nickum’s Nook social media mix from time to time as a repeat promotion.

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