The Coelacanth

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2 responses to “The Coelacanth

  1. joycenorman5

    Mary, is there a book about the Coelacanth? Years ago I was on the tv show, What’s My Line in NYC and I was one of the “fakers” who pretended to be Dr. Sylvia Earl, a diver who had found a Coelacanth in her deep-water divings. Would like to read a book about this ancient fish. Fascinating. How you doing, my friend. Thx, Joyce

    • Hi Joyce:
      Yes, I published a book about the discovery of the coelacanth and being a fish scientist. It is a book in the Aquitaine Reluctant Reader Series geared toward high school students who don’t like to read.It is available on Amazon “The Coelacanth; the Greatest Fish Story Ever Told” as are the other two books in the series–more are coming.
      We’re doing well, just the usual problems with aging–arthritis,etc. I just keep my publishing companies moving. It is a challenge; books don’t sell well these days, as you well know.
      If you get a copy of the book, will you please write a review of it for Amazon?

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