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Introducing K. L. Kranes as our next Author Takeover Participant…

K.L. Kranes lives in the Washington, DC metro area with her husband, daughter and dog. When not writing fiction, K.L. is a freelance editor.

Travelers - Cover


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Happy Birthday!!!

Birthday Cake

Happy Fifth Birthday…five years ago we received our first manuscript, Kenning Magic, which became our first published title.

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Our next author to be introduced for our Author TakeOver…Jenny Hawes

Jennifer L. Hawes lives with her family in Hannibal, Missouri, Mark Twain’s boyhood town located along the Mississippi River. When she’s not writing, she can be found running or photographing her world. Her teenage son, a free runner, was the inspiration behind this novel.
Free Runner Coversmall

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New Title


Something is making twelve-year-old Violet psychic. Is it the secret diary she found in her orphanage or the mysterious mountains of Vermont? She’ll soon discover supernatural power she didn’t know she had and learn secrets that adults don’t know—especially about children, America and the pyramid on the dollar bill.


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New from Saguaro Books, LLC



List Price: $11.95

5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on White paper
226 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1547149582
ISBN-10: 1547149582
BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / People & Places / Canada/Native Canadian

Until now there has been no magic, no adventure in Mary Bell’s life. Her small community in northern Saskatchewan is not a place where anything ever happens. Other than a heinous murder some thirty years ago, Buffalo Narrows has remained unscathed by notoriety. The population of Aboriginal people and of ancestors of European settlers, cohabit the tiny remote town and together they enjoy a peaceful, harmonious and simple but difficult existence.
But then on a beautiful summer day, in 2000, life as Mary Bell knows it, comes to a sudden halt.
A small Cessna hydroplane with five passengers on board crashes in the fields near Mary’s town and she is the only witness to a bloody and fatal tragedy.
Jack Holden, a lawyer and human rights activist enters the scene and turns Mary’s dreary life upside down. Not only does she fall in love, but a truth about her community, an ugly truth is revealed. An adventure which she dared only to dream about, is presented to her.
A gripping tale of romance and self-discovery mixed in with a relevant social issue.

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Writing a Scene

Each scene is composed of a miniature story arc. Do you see how closely the steps mimic the story arc? Only Step 5 is different. Step 5 is a thought process for the author to undertake as each scene is written.


S T E P  1 :  S e t u p

W h e r e  a r e  w e ,  w h o ’ s  t h e r e ,  a n d  w h a t ’ s  g o i n g  o n ?



S T E P  2 :  G o a l

W h a t  i s  m y  h e r o ‘ s  g o a l  i n  t h i s  s c e n e ?  W h a t  d o e s  he/s h e    w a n t ?



S T E P  3 :  C o n f l i c t

W h a t h a p p e n s t o  m a k e  i t  h a r d e r  f o r  m y  h e r o  t o  g e t  w h a t  he/s h e w a n t s ?




S T E P  4 :  R e s o l u t i o n

D o e s m y  h e r o  s u c c e e d  o r  f a i l  i n  g e t t i n g  w h a t  he/s h e  w a n t s ?  H o w d o e s  t h e  s c e n e e n d ?



S T E P  5 :  P u r p o s e

W h a t  i s  t h e  p u r p o s e  o f  t h i s  s c e n e ?  D o e s  i t  m o v e  t h e  s t o r y f o r w a r d ,  c h a r a c t e r i z e ,  o r  b o t h ?




From: Ink and Quill

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The Aquitaine Reluctant Reader Series

About the Aquitaine Reluctant Reader Series:

Why a Reluctant Reader Series?

Not all children read at the same level nor do all children enjoy reading. While a good many children do become excited and engaged in reading, especially in the primary grades, some are reluctant and disinterested. While a child may not show a natural interest in reading, this does not mean he/she cannot become a skilled and even enthusiastic reader. If the child has reached middle grade and is still disinterested, it’s time to take action.

While any child, young or old, male or female can be a reluctant reader the largest number of unenthusiastic readers are adolescent boys. Research shows that a good number of boys who were avid readers in the elementary grades become disinterested in reading during their middle school years. However, there are a number of factors that may contribute to this shift—increasing complexity of material, peer pressure—one of the primary reasons seems to be they fail to see the connection between reading and “real” life.

School assignments, such as book reports, can become stressful for these students as well as parents and teachers. These children need material that is especially prepared to be relevant to the curriculum as well as to life. This material must be written to engage the reluctant reader, using images as well as text and presented in electronic and paper to fit classroom and leisure reading.

Books for the reluctant reader must be:

  • Relevant to the curriculum (Common Core),
  • Factual but engaging,
  • Written to pique and hold interest,
  • Presented in text and images,
  • Available as ebook and in print, and
  • Priced to be affordable for the individual student as well as bulk-priced to be attractive to schools.

Aquitaine, Ltd.’s  Reluctant Reader Series, geared to readers in grades 10 and up, fills all these requirements. Our books have been thoroughly researched and edited by leading scientists and written by educators and librarians.


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